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Civil and Commercial Law

Assistance to clients in preparation and negotiation of civil and commercial agreements such as sale and purchase, supply, distribution, manufacturing, national and international transportation, commercial representation, leasing, commission, importation and exportation of goods;

Consumer law issues;  

Tort law issues;               

Counselling and resolution of disputes in family law relating to the dissolution of marriage, acknowledgement of paternity, adoption, custody, and alimony;            

Probate suits, assisting in wording contracts and wills, distributing properties to heirs, and inventory;

Assistance to both individuals and legal entities in the structuring of any real estate business such as leasing, sale and purchase, mortgage, loan for use and development of land, among others. Due diligences seeking the evaluation of the legal aspects of the properties;               

Counselling in Environmental law (permits, follow-up of administrative and judicial entrepreneurial projects);

Representation of creditor in insolvency, rehabilitation and bankruptcy.