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Administrative Law

Assistance pursuant to agreements before direct and indirect Public Administration bodies (Administrative agreements, letter of intent, covenants, concessions and State Public-Partnership);              

Legal representation in privatisations and biddings, encompassing all procedures related thereto;       

Legal counselling in issues of state ownership of all the entities of the Federation (Union, Federal District and Municipalities), including use and alienation of public property, use of urban soil, use of land of road and railway ownership, easements and administrative limitations;        

Legal counselling regarding civil responsibility of the Estate and negotiation with entities and public bodies;    

Handling and follow-up of administrative proceedings before bodies of direct and indirect administration of all the entities of the Federation (Union, Federal District and Municipalities);

Client representation in disseisin suits because of public utility or social interest promoted by all the entities of the Federation (Union, Federal District, Estates and Municipalities), as well as the handling of administrative and judicial expropriation suits, indemnifications and annulments of expropriations.